• How do I register at Berci?
    Registering at is free, you just have to access the CREATE LOG button located at the top right of the page, click on HERE YOUR REGISTRATION and fill in all required fields, IF YOU ARE A PROFESSIONAL OF GRAPHIC DESIGN fill in the companies OR A you are a FINAL CLIENT, fill in final consumer. In this way, you can place future orders in a more agile and fast way, without having to enter your data every time you place an order. Simply identify yourself with the email address and password that you used in your first order. Any changes you have to make to the data you enter, should update in your personal area.
  • How do I recover the username or password?
    To retrieve account access information, click the button at the top "Login" and then click "I forgot my password." Enter the email address you registered with. In a few minutes, you will receive an email with the necessary information in case you do not receive the email with the information please make sure that our email does not go to the "spam" folder.
  • How can I reach Berci?
    You can reach us from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 19:00 p.m.
    1- Call (+351) 253 597 082
    2- Email to
  • Can I edit my account information?
    You can modify your customer account information directly in your personal area on the website: log in and go to the "Personal information" section. Remember that you can not change the following specifications: Name / Company name / and taxpayer number. For any information or clarification, do not hesitate to contact us through the following e-mail:


  • How do I buy a product?
    Through our website you can get your budget in real time and choose the delivery date that best suits your needs. For each order placed you will receive a confirmation email with a summary of the selected items.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: You must register to purchase any item from the website.
  • How do I receive information about placed orders?
    Once you have started your session, in the personal area, click on the "Orders" button where you have the history of all your purchases. You will then be able to download invoices for your orders from your personal area.
  • Can I cancel or modify an order after doing it?
    Once the order is placed, in your personal area you can cancel or change it. Remember that you can only cancel or modify it before it is sent to production.
  • When and how can I send the file to print?
    When you complete the purchase process, after completing the order, you can upload or upload the file to the desired job.
    You have three options to send us your design:

    1 - Click the upper button of the "Send files" main menu. From this menu, you can upload the files related to your order. This menu is only visible once registered as a user. After uploading the files, you should "Send confirmation" on the left side button.
    2 - You can send an e-mail to if the file weighs less than 16 MB
    3 - Please send by WeTransfer to if the files weigh more than 1.5G.

    IMPORTANT: Do not forget to indicate the order number corresponding to your file if you send it by e-mail or WeTransfer. Please note that the maximum limit for each file is 1500MB (1.5GB).
  • How long do you keep an order from which I have not yet made the payment or I have not uploaded the print file?
    The order is kept in our database for 15 days. If the document has not been sent for printing or has errors, we will automatically cancel the order and fully refund your payment.

    Similarly, if we do not have received the payment for an order, our system will cancel it within 15 days from the date of its creation. Once the order has been canceled due to non-payment, or the non-receipt of the print file or that it presents errors, it can not be reactivated and a new order must be created.
  • Can I request a trial print before placing a order?
    We do not make printing proofs,  but each product has a minimum quantity selectable in the order process, and it is possible to ask for a reduced number of copies. For more information write us to
  • Are delivery dates guaranteed?
    The delivery dates can be guaranteed if payment and the uploading of the file are made within the time limit indicated and if the files you send have the requirements that comply with the printing process: any non-conformities in the file may postpone the delivery date requested at the time of purchase.

    If multiple jobs with the same delivery date are present in the order, all jobs will suffer the same delay on the date of departure, the same happens when a file is loaded after the deadline. We remind you that in the case of payment by bank transfer, the delivery indicated in the budget will be postponed until the moment the transfer is accounted for, usually 2/3 business days after the issue.


  • In what format and resolution should I prepare the files for printing?
    The recommended format is PDF or EPS (Encapsulated PostScript), TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) or JPG 

     • We recommend 1.3 compatibilities (ie we use compatible versions PDF 1.3, Acrobat 4.0) to prevent layers or transparencies.
    • Important: Reduce TIFF files to a single document! • The resolution for printing large format images should be between 100 and 150 dpi at the actual size of the print image.

    • We accept file scaling for sizes larger than 500 cm. EXAMPLE: A 800 x 100 cm file can be sent at a 1: 3 scale (3 times smaller than its actual size), stored at 300 dpi (dots / pixels per inch) resolution as they take up less space without losing quality.

    • For large-format printing the optimum 1: 1 file resolution is 100 dpi. • If the product has a side of more than 5 m, the file should be made at 1:10 scale with a resolution of 1000 dpi.

    • The texts must be converted into curves to avoid the use of typographic characters.
  • Can I send the design before placing the order so you can confirm that it is good quality?
    Yes! You only have to send the file with your project to indicating the final size, and within 48 hours, you will be informed, free of charge, if your project is able to print in size and with sufficient quality.
    We recall that the free review of the files consists of only analyzing the following parameters:

    - Check dimensions.
    - Verification of embedded fonts.
    - Checking the sources and paths of the images.
  • How do I prepare the file for the cut with form?
    1. The shaped cut comprises a SINGLE CUT around the outer perimeter, we do not make multiple cuts within the file, just the outer edge of the drawing.
    2. For vinyl printing with shape, you must send a PDF or EPS file with vector stroke (Draw, Illustrator, Freehand, Corel, etc.) created in magenta color, converted to SPOT Color and named as CutContour to indicate the desired shape of the cut .
    3. The margin or bleeding should be more than 5 mm
    4. The safety zone must be 10 mm. We recommend that you do not create very complex shapes because the cut result may be inaccurate or erratic.

Billing and payments

  • What are the forms of payment?
    Paypal (an increase of 3.5% assumed by the customer)

    Bank transfer (If you choose to pay by bank transfer, we inform you that the work only goes into production after the deposit is credited to our bank account, which means that the delivery time may increase between 2 to 3 business days.

    We detail the entity where you can make the bank transfer:
    Owner: Berci, Lda
    IBAN: PT50 0033 0000 0000 9615 9389 1

    Note: It is important to indicate the order number on the transfer receipt and send it along with proof of payment by e-mail to


  • How long will it take to get my order?
    The delivery time is selected when your making the order. Within this period its included the time of production process and delivery defined by the carrier. The estimated delivery date is valid for most of the Iberian peninsula exept Islands.

    Remember that receiving files or payment confirmations after the specified time will result in delays in delivery times.
  • Who makes the delivery of my order?
    We will send your order via Nacex our partner carrier. The packages will be delivered from Mon. to Fri. during the day until 19:30 p.m.

    Note: If the carrier uses tertiary companies to complet your delivery, Berci, Lda cannot be accounted responsible for any delays in the delivery time and date.
  • Will I receive my order on the selected delivery date?
    Nuestros tiempos de entrega son, como se indica en el sitio web, estimaciones: nuestro proceso de trabajo es rápido y personalizado y esto nos permite producir con tiempo suficiente para la entrega de los pedidos a los operadores con los que colaboramos.

    Incluso si el pedido se prepara de manera oportuna, los plazos de entrega pueden variar por diversos motivos relacionados con la empresa de transporte contratada: embalaje extraviado, dificultades de entrega, mal tiempo, huelgas, etc., o porque el transportista no trabaja en su área de entrega . Por lo tanto, no podemos garantizar el 100% de la fecha de entrega. En estos casos esporádicos, estudiaremos caso por caso y, si es necesario, podemos elegir las siguientes soluciones:

    1. Quejarse con el transportista para volver a enviarlo para repararlo o reemplazarlo
    2. Darle un cupón de descuento para usar en futuros pedidos.

    Atención: en estos casos excepcionales, no se puede reembolsar una orden de impresión personalizada o anónima. Para cualquier información adicional contáctenos a
  • Can I pick up my order directly in your facilities?
    Yes if in Portugal, just select this option at the end of the purchase process.

    Our facilities are located in: Zona Industrial do Socorro, Lote 33 | 4820-011, S. Gens - Portugal.

    If your not in Portugal it will not be possible to collect your order in our facilities for customers outside Portugal.

  • Can I make an anonymous or customized shipping and delivery?
    If you need to send anonymously your order or even with your information (Name and Address) just ask for an anonymous or custom delivery and we will arrange it for you.
    To select this option you must be registered and select it during the order process.
    Whether in your address or your customer's order will arrive anonymously or with the information you've provided, without Berci's information, inside or outside the package, or even on the delivery note.
  • Qual é o custo do envio?

    O valor da expedição é calculado de acordo com o país de destino, as peças compradas e as embalagens usadas para as enviar. O montante total da expedição é indicado na página de Morada de Entrega, antes da confirmação da encomenda. Para garantir um alto padrão de serviços de transporte, os custos de transporte são aplicados a todas as encomendas realizadas na Loja Online da Berci.
    Para compras superiores a 150€ os portes de envio são grátis (entregas efectuadas em Portugal Continental).
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