Outdoor Poster Stand A1 S2

The improved version of Outdoor PosterStand has some specifics that make the product more solid and therefore more reliable. The upper part of the structure (frame) is more delicate and the springs that support it more resistant.
The structure swings but returns to its original shape and regains verticality. The corners are straight, more resistant to a possible fall.

Being an Outdoor, it is often exposed, in the streets, to the pedestrian crossing, or to adverse weather conditions, like a strong wind. The structure comes as an accessory with a plastic wrench to help in opening the click-clack rules. The wheels of the water tank base, facilitators of the transport of the product, have an iron reinforcing plate, which makes them more resistant and durable.

The Outdoor PosterStand S2 is now available in size A1 and is very simple to mount, simply screwing the water tank to the top by the springs. Use this product, for example, outside of shops, on busy streets, where circulation occurs in two directions, since it is double-sided, on esplanades of restaurants, cafes or at outlets. the structure and do not rip the bag.

Included Materials: Plastic key; 2 screws per base Water Tank
Main features: Weight (kg): 18 Main Color: Gray


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