Pop Up Classic S2 3x3 Curved + 2x Spotlights + 5 sheets of PVC

The S2 Classic 3x3 Curved Pop-Up is a structure whose main difference is the pink finishes as well as the structure improvements: The aluminum profile of this structure is square which gives it greater stability. It also features as production accessories reinforced bi-adhesive hangars so production is always safe.
This structure, due to its large print area, makes its customers' productions have a high visual impact.
In addition, this is a very safe structure with a simple and elegant design, able to adapt to the most diverse environments, such as events, conferences, meeting rooms and showrooms.

Included Accessories
Semi-Rigid Carry Case
Magnetic Strap

Main features:
Structure Material: Aluminum
Weight (Kg): 20
Main Color: Gray


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